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Welfare of cats and dogs

Why is Identification & Registration so important?

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Europeans have voted

It's crunch time for animal welfare 

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Protection of animals during transport

Read our position on the European Commission's proposal



is the global animal welfare organisation for animals under direct human influence, which reveals suffering, rescues animals in need and protects them. Our vision is a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding.

Our focus 

We work to ensure that companion animals, farm animals and wild animals are legally protected from exploitation and abuse. 

We collaborate with policy makers and stakeholders in the EU to prevent illegal trade and other cruel commercial activities in both pets and wildlife, as well as to improve the lives of farm animals suffering in intensive farming systems and live transport.

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Stray dog

Why is mandatory identification and registration for all cats and dogs so important?

The European Union is currently putting in place new rules for the protection of cats and dogs. But as it stands, loopholes for cruelty remain.

stray dogs

EU Member States reach agreement on cats and dogs regulation, but loopholes remain

FOUR PAWS welcomes the Council General Approach, but highlights missed opportunity 

Rescued tiger in Lionsrock

Europeans have spoken: It’s crunch time for animal welfare

Citizens demand action, now the new European Parliament and Commission must champion animal welfare.

flock of sheep

International Day for Biodiversity: Why must we preserve local animal breeds?

As we celebrate the UN'International Day for Biological Diversity, let’s remind ourselves of the critical role genetic diversity plays in addressing future environmental challenges and why it is essential to preserve it against one of its major threats, intensive animal farming. 

cow in truck

Position on the Proposal on the Protection of Animals during Transport

FOUR PAWS shares its position on the European Commission's live animal transport proposal

cows in stable in Germany

What do the CAP simplification measures mean for animal welfare?

The speedy legislative procedure aiming to exempt 76% of EU farms from compliance with environmental standards is bad news for animals.

FOUR PAWS employee protesting in front of the European Parliament

Brussels’ top five fails in animal welfare

FOUR PAWS launches international campaign in the run-up to EU's polls in June

cow in stable

EU 2040 Climate targets: EU Commissioners avoid the Cow in the Room

While the EU is now set to slash 90% of its emissions by 2040, the European Commission is avoiding the task of tackling emissions from animal agriculture. It cannot continue to do so if the EU is to reach its climate targets. 

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