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NGOs urge the European Parliament to reject Report on on-farm animal welfare

Major Animal Welfare Organisations send an open letter to all MEPs asking to vote against a report on on-farm animal welfare, calling it insufficient and not fit for purpose


On Monday the 14th of February, the European Parliament is due to vote on the AGRI Implementation report on on-farm animal welfare by french MEP Jérémy Decerle. FOUR PAWS, Eurogroup for Animals and Compassion in World Farming regret that the report fails to provide comprehensive analysis and conclusions on the shortcomings and welfare concerns related to animal husbandry and instead concerns itself with the economic interest of farmers. 

In an open letter, FOUR PAWS, together with the other organisations urges all MEPs to vote against the report and instead adopt the ENVI opinion on it as an alternative motion for resolution.

You can find the open letter here:


Open Letter to all MEPs on the Report on on-farm animal welfare

Open Letter to all MEPs on the Report on on-farm animal welfare

NGOs urge MEPs to reject report on on-farm animal welfare

Pierre Sultana

Director of European Policy Office

Pierre grew up on a horse farm in France. He graduated from the Law School with a speciality in European Union and World Trade Organisation Laws. He worked for different institutions and non-profit organisations in France and in Brussels before he joined FOUR PAWS in October 2014.


In Brussels, Pierre is in charge of the European Policy Office, which monitors EU and International policy developments and implements FOUR PAWS' strategies to achieve better legal protection for wild, companion and farm animals.

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