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Europeans have spokenIt’s crunch time for animal welfare 

Citizens demand action, now the new European Parliament and Commission must champion animal welfare.


BRUSSELS – Over the course of four days, about 373 million people from all 27 EU Member States have had the opportunity to cast their ballot during European elections, thereby shaping common policies for the next 5 years, including determining the fate of billions of animals.  

With 91% of Europeans emphasizing the importance of protecting the welfare of farmed animals, the recent elections reflect a strong mandate for change.  

In the run-up to the elections, FOUR PAWS was pleased to see that the European parties forming the three largest groups in the Parliament made clear commitments to animal welfare in their manifestos, with over 900 candidates pledging to make a difference for animals. 

Together, these parties now hold a majority of seats, and as such, are in a prime position to ensure that animal welfare is also carried over as a priority of the next European Commission, whose President will be elected by the new Parliament after he or she is nominated by national leaders on the 27th and 28th of June.  

Support for ambitious steps forward for animal welfare spans the political spectrum. This must now be reflected in the priorities of the next European Commission. 

Joe Moran, Director of European Policy Office at FOUR PAWS said, “There is a clear majority for more animal welfare, something that has been shown to be a top demand from citizens time and time again. It is now the responsibility of the new European Parliament to elect and approve a new Commission. The concerns voters took to polling booths with them should be top of their mind — including animal welfare.  

“It is now time to ensure the next Commission acts on the wishes of the people and that the voters’ wishes are reflected in its programme, and that existing texts are only further improved. Europe's citizens have voted for themselves, and they have voted for animals. 

“A fresh start is the perfect opportunity to reassess priorities and come up with innovative solutions for long-standing problems. People are counting on European leaders to do so while continuing to uphold the values of compassion and stewardship that define our Union, and which are enshrined it its treaties.” 


Notes to editors 

In collaboration with Eurogroup for Animals and 50+ animal welfare organisations, FOUR PAWS has held its own European elections campaign, giving candidates the opportunity to show their commitment to do better for animals by signing a pledge. The pledge includes 10 asks for the new Commission to deliver in regard to farmed, wild and companion animals.  

Find the pledge here.

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