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the CARO project 

Promoting responsible pet ownership

The CARO project is a collaboration of different European institutions and organisations under the lead of FOUR PAWS. CARO promotes responsible ownership of companion animals with the aim of preventing companion animal abuse, abandonment, and overpopulation in Europe. CARO’s final objective is that every dog and cat in Europe is identified, registered, and has a responsible, well-informed owner.

Cat and dog

CARO's focus & positions

CARO believes that responsible pet ownership is at the centre of companion animal welfare, but it needs to be strengthened through the creation and enforcement of animal-friendly legislation at the EU and member-state level. Supported by the European Commission, CARO brings together experts on animal welfare, veterinary public health, and policy to provide reliable knowledge about preventive veterinary care, animal/breeder/keeper traceability, humane and non-lethal population control, and management as well as professional education. CARO’s aim is to improve the lives of companion animals by providing a comprehensive database of legislation, policies and best practices within the EU, and by providing information for pet owners to promote responsible ownership. 

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CARO at eu level

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